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Our customers occasionally need to ship one of our products out to an end-user, or back to Synrad for service. Below are step-by-step instructions on how to properly pack our lasers and marking heads using our Box & Foam Kits. Instructions are listed by laser model.

Laser Packaging
Marking Head Packaging

Laser Packaging Instructions
48-1 packaging [pdf]
48-1 "Mini" Multi-Pack Info
48-2 packaging [pdf]
48-5 packaging [pdf]
firestar vi-series
vi30 packaging [pdf]
firestar v-series
v20 packaging [pdf]
v30 SA packaging [pdf]
v30 SF/SW packaging [pdf]
v40 packaging [pdf]
firestar ti-series
ti60 packaging [pdf]
ti80 packaging [pdf]
ti100 packaging [pdf]
firestar t-series
t60 packaging [pdf]
t70i packaging [pdf]
t80 packaging [pdf]
t100 packaging [pdf]
RF600/RF800 packaging [pdf]
RF1000 packaging [pdf]
firestar f-series
f100 packaging [pdf]
f200 packaging [pdf]
f201 packaging [pdf]
f400 packaging [pdf]
firestar i401
i401 packaging [pdf]
pulstar p-series
p100 packaging [pdf]
p250 packaging [pdf]
Evolution Series
Evo100 packaging [pdf]
Evo125 packaging [pdf]
Evo200 packaging [pdf]
Evo240 packaging [pdf]
RF 3000 packaging [pdf]

Marking Head Packaging Instructions

FH Flyer packaging [pdf]
Fenix Flyer packaging [pdf]
FH Flyer w/ 10W Cooling Shroud packaging [pdf]
FH Flyer w/ 25W Cooling Shroud packaging [pdf]

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