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To facilitate the implementation of laser technology into production processes, we offer a wide range of accessories including beam delivery components, visible diode pointers, closed loop kits, AC/DC power supplies, and laser safety glasses.

Beam delivery components include Synrad's family of focusing lenses, mirrors, beam tubes, and gas manifolds. All are based on a common design and can be easily configured to meet any application's requirements.

Easily mounted to the faceplate of any Synrad laser, the Diode Pointer serves as an accurate and convenient alignment tool and eliminates the need for cumbersome IR viewing instruments such as thermal image plates and ultraviolet lights.

The Closed Loop Stabilizer kits include a beam sampler and closed loop control system that stabilize the output power of Synrad’s water-cooled 48-1 and 48-2 lasers.

AC/DC Power Supplies can be provided by Synrad. All our lasers must be operated by an external AC or DC Power Supply. Typically, the DC supply provided is a switching supply manufactured by Power One or Astec. 
Protective eyewear should be worn at all times when working with Class IV lasers. Synrad can provide safety glasses, manufactured by Sperian.

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