Synrad Flyer 3D Marking Head

Break free from the confines of small-field, two-dimensional marking with the Flyer 3D CO2 laser marking system from Synrad. Featuring a third servo-driven z-axis to dynamically focus the laser beam and continuously maintain a small spot size while marking, Flyer 3D empowers production lines with the ability to sharply and quickly mark larger fields (up to 1084 mm x 993mm), and longer objects such as banners with never-before experienced accuracy, speed and detail.

The Flyer 3D is designed to work with selected Synrad industrial CO2 lasers up to 400 watts, and is completely backwards compatible with all Synrad FH Flyer marking heads making upgrading your system simple. Included as standard with Flyer 3D is a built-in visible diode pointer, making initial setup and beam positioning easier than ever. Coming fully assembled straight out of the box, Flyer 3D is simple to mount, quick to set up and easy to implement, communicating with your production systems via Ethernet TCP/IP
communications protocol, MODBUS/IP, or hard-wired I/O.

Coupled with Synrad's Firestar line of continuous wave lasers and Synrad's all new Pulstar pulse power CO2 lasers, a variety of configurations of the Flyer 3D system are available to choose from, providing you with the flexibility you need to pick the best laser at the right wattage, for your marking, cutting or drilling needs.

Flyer 3D Subsystem Pairings:

Firestar v Series (40W - fan cooled)
Firestar ti60 (60W - fan or water cooled)
Firestar ti80 (80W - fan or water cooled)
Firestar ti100 (100W - water cooled)
Pulstar p100/150 (100W - water cooled)
Firestar f201 (200W - water cooled)
Pulstar p250 (250W - water cooled)
Firestar i401 (400W - water cooled)

For more information about the Synrad Flyer 3D marking system and its available configurations and marking specifications, view the Flyer 3D datasheet via the link in the sidebar to the right, or contact Synrad today!

Flyer 3D Technical Specifications:
Field Size Range 269mm x 227mm to
1084mm x 993mm
Spot Size (1/e2)
M2 = 1.0, center of field
165µm - 750µm
Working Distance Range 268mm - 1320mm
Marking Speed 7620 mm/s
Input Power 48V ± 5.0VDC / 6.7A, 20A Peak
Heat Load 320W nominal, 400W max
Input Beam Power (continuous) 500W
Input Beam Wavelength* 10.2μm - 10.8μm
Operating Temperature Range 0°C - 40°C
Humidity 0-95%, non condensing
Dimensions, LxWxH
(including mtg bracket)
558 x 191 x 219 (mm)
21.9 x 7.5 x 11.1 (in)
Dimensions, LxWxH (p100 only)
(including mtg bracket)
580 x 191 x 280 (mm)
22.8 x 7.5 x 11.1 (in)
Weight 9.7kg / 21.45lbs

Specifications subject to change without notice.
*9.3 Ám wavelength available, contact your Synrad Representative.

Download Flyer 3D Datasheet
English US paper [.pdf format]
English A4 paper [.pdf format]
Chinese A4 paper [.pdf format]
List of Specific Field Sizes:
[.jpg format]
Download Flyer 3D Operation Manual:
[.pdf format]
Flyer 3D System Quick Start Guides:
Flyer 3D/Firestar v Series Air Cooled Laser
.pdf format
Flyer 3D/Firestar v Series Water Cooled Laser
.pdf format
Flyer 3D/Firestar T/ti-Series Fan-Cooled Laser
.pdf format
Flyer 3D/Firestar T/ti-Series Water-Cooled Laser
.pdf format
Flyer 3D/Pulstar p100/p150 Laser
.pdf format
Flyer 3D/Firestar f201 Laser
.pdf format
Flyer 3D/Pulstar p250 Laser
.pdf format
Flyer 3D/Pulstar p400 Laser
.pdf format
Flyer 3D/Firestar i401 Laser
[.pdf format] Click here for O&M drawings and 3D models of available Flyer 3D
/ CO2laser subsystem pairings
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