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Outline & Mounting Drawings
LMS 1.25 Laser Mounting System

BBA- 1.25 Beam Bender

Beam Collimators:
COL1.6 [Download.dxf]
COL1.6 [Download.pdf
COL2.0 [Download.dxf]
COL2.0 [Download.pdf]
COL2.5 [Download.dxf]
COL2.5 [Download.pdf]

DP- Diode Pointer

Gas Jet Manifolds:
GJM1.5 [Download.dxf]
GJM1.5 [Download.pdf]
GJM2.5 [Download.dxf]
GJM2.5 [Download.pdf]
GJM 2.5 [Download.sldprt]
GJM 2.5 [Download.igs]
GJM 4.0 [Download.dxf]
GJM 4.0 [Download.pdf]
GJM 4.0 [Download.sldprt]
GJM 4.0 [Download.igs]

Path Enclosure Tubes:
PET4 [Download.dxf]
PET4 [Download.pdf
PET10 [Download.dxf]
PET10 [Download.pdf]

VAS 1.25 Vernier Adjust Spacer

Our family of focusing lenses, mirrors, beam tubes and gas manifolds are based on a common design and can be easily configured to meet any application.

Standard lenses provide a choice of focal lengths to optimize spot size and/or depth of field. Gas jet manifolds incorporate a nozzle to blow a suitable gas onto the work surface.

Synrad no longer sells these manifolds, however, they can be purchased at LaserMech. For more information, visit their website by clicking here: LaserMech

Beam expanders/collimators enhance the quality of the final focused spot. With standard threads, these components make the design and assembly of any beam delivery system simple and quick.


Beam Delivery Systems Specifications [Download .pdf]

1.25 Series Setup and Alignment [Download .pdf]

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