i401 400W Laser

The new Firestar i401 laser provides 400 watts of near-perfect beam quality from a single tube. Built around a hybrid waveguide/unstable resonator design, the i401 is driven by four field-replaceable integrated RF modules resulting in a rise time of less than 100 µs, which is 33% faster than existing f-Series lasers. Internal beam conditioning before the output aperture first conditions, collimates, and then rotates the linear beam polarization 45° as an aid in applications where a circular polarizer is used.

The i401 operates at duty cycles ranging from <10% all the way up to 100% (full CW operation). With a best-in-class energy efficiency, up to 23% better than other 400 W lasers, the i401 offers immediate savings on energy costs and its single tube design means the i401 weighs 24% less than competing lasers—an important consideration when mounting the laser on moving gantries or robotic motion systems.

Other important design features includes an internal electromechanical shutter for maximum operator safety when integrated into the user's control system, a TCP/IP web-based Internet interface for monitoring the i401's various operating parameters, and a built-in gas purge port for ease of connection to nitrogen or CDA purge systems.
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Product Change Notice
PCN 003-2013 - Metric (12 mm) Cooling Fittings [.pdf format]

Technical Bulletin 26b
Optical Coatings and Thermal Lensing [.pdf format]
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