The pulstar 150 features:

  • Average output power of 150W (minimum)
  • Peak pulse power of 600W (typical)
  • Peak pulse energy of 335mJ (typical)
  • Max pulse width of 600µs
  • Fast rise time of less than 50µs
  • Duty cycle range of <37.5%
  • Excellent mode quality
  • Hybrid free-space / waveguide resonator
  • Built in gas purge port
  • Protective optical window
  • Easy-to-integrate, compact design
  • 15% lighter than competition
  • Best-in-class energy efficiency
  • Available in 9.3, 10.2Ám and 10.6Ám wavelengths
  • Synrad is pleased to announce an addition to its highly acclaimed Pulstar line of CO2 lasers with the introduction of the p150. Featuring 600 Watts of peak pulse power (typical) and over 150 W of average power, the p150 is ideally suited for a wide variety of pulsed applications where superior edge quality, faster processing speeds, exceptional beam qualty, and minimal heat affected zone (HAZ) is crucial to your manufacturing success.

    firestar p150 Specifications:

    Specifications subject to change without notice.
    *Power level guaranteed for 12 months regardless of operating hours, applied over recommended coolant flow rate & temperature range.
    **At coolant temperatures above 22 °C, derate power 0.5 W/°C to 1 W/°C up to a coolant temperature of 30 °C.

    For detailed information and technical specifications about the individual models currently available in the Pulstar line of pulse CO2 lasers, choose your model from the drop-down menu below.

    Click here for pulstar p150 outline & mounting drawings and 3D models
    Download p150 Datasheet
    English US paper [.pdf format]
    English A4 paper [.pdf format]

    Chinese A4 paper coming soon

    [.pdf format]
    Download Operator's Manual Pulstar models p100/p150
    English US paper (p100/p150 Manual) [.pdf format]
    English US paper (p150 Addendum) [.pdf format]
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