p100 100W Pulse Laser

The pulstar p250 features:

  • Peak pulse power of 800W (typical)
  • Average output power >250W
  • Peak pulse energy of 600mJ (typical)
  • Max pulse width of 1000µs (1.0ms)
  • Fast rise time of less than 60µs
  • Exceptional power stability (±5%)
  • Pulsed up to 100kHz
  • Duty cycle range of 0% to 45.0%
  • Excellent mode quality (M2 < 1.2)
  • Integrated RF drive - no bulky RF power supply or cables
  • Modular electronics packaging based on proven i401 architecture
  • Built in gas / purge port
  • TCP/IP web-based diagnostics
  • Efficient RF design for low power consumption
  • Ideally suited for clean high-speed, low HAZ processing

Featuring 800 watts of typical peak pulsed power and 250 watts of average power, the p250 provides users with an accessible entry point into high power laser processing, at an affordable price.

Based on the same proven technology behind the success of Synrad's i401, the p250's peak pulse power takes materials processing a step further by allowing users to cut faster and drill deeper through a variety of materials, including aluminum, with minimal heat affect zone and superior cut edge quality. The p250's longer tube design provides excellent power stability, making it ideal for applications that demand the highest levels of consistency and precision.

If you're one of the many who are eager to introduce refined high-power laser processing into your production lines, then the p250 is the undisputable competitive choice in today's laser market.

For detailed information and technical specifications about the individual models currently available in the Pulstar line of pulse CO2 lasers, choose your model from the drop-down menu below.

Click here for pulstar p250 outline & mounting drawings and 3D models


Download p250 Datasheet
English US paper [.pdf format]
English A4 paper [.pdf format]

Chinese A4 paper

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Download Operator's Manual
English US paper [.pdf format]
Technical Bulletin 26b - Optical Coatings and Thermal Lensing
English US paper [.pdf format]
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