Pulstar P400

Synrad proudly introduces the newest addition to highly acclaimed Pulstar pulsed laser family. The p400 addresses customer needs for a larger pulsed laser for greater versatility, faster processing speeds, and exceptional beam quality combined with high average power and high peak power for superior cut edge quality. We delivered all their requirements, plus some, with the new Pulstar p400. Based on the proven technology of the Firestar i401, the p400 is a package of best-in-class power stability, high peak and high pulsed power, and easier field serviceability with a modular electronics package, remote monitoring capabilities, a physical shutter option and other features for increased safety during its operational lifetime.

Designed to fit within the same footprint, customers currently working with the highly celebrated Firestar i401 can easily make the step up to the p400’s pulsed power and faster processing speeds.

  • Peak pulse power of > 1.0 kW (typical)
  • Average output power of >400 W
  • Max pulse width of 1000µs
  • Fast rise time of <50µs
  • Power stability of ±7% (from cold start)
  • Duty cycle range from < 50%
  • Ellipticity <1.2
  • Integrated, modular RF drive
  • Optional beam sizes
  • Modular electronics packaging
  • Built in gas/clean dry air purge port
  • Ethernet port and physical shutter

For detailed information and technical specifications about the individual models currently available in the Pulstar line of pulse CO2 lasers, choose your model from the drop-down menu below.

Download p400 Datasheet

Click here for pulstar p400 outline & mounting drawings and 3D models


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