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Cutting Polyester Fabric
Cutting Inconel Tubing
Cutting Polyester Ribbon Cable
Cutting Mild Steel
Cutting Alumina Ceramic
Cutting Cellulose Acetate Film
Cutting PETG
Cutting Foil/paperboard Packaging
Cutting Stained Glass
Cutting Clear Polyester (PETF) Film
Cutting EVA Foam Gaskets
Stripping Fluoropolymer Wire Insulation
Degating Parts
Degating Polycarbonate
Cutting Cardboard
Cutting Dieboard
Cutting Sailcloth
Cutting Acetal Copolymer Tubing
Cutting Mylar Film
Cutting Synthetic Belting
Cutting Steel with High Pressure Nitrogen
Cutting Ceramic
Cutting Ceramic
Cutting Sandpaper
Cutting PCB
Cutting Non-Slip Mats
Cutting Gaskets with a marking head
Cutting cell phone keypads
Cutting Steel Tubing
Cutting Stainless Steel Tubing
Cutting Stainless Steel Tubing
Cutting Sandpaper
Cutting Nickel Screen
Cutting Mild Steel
Cutting Mild Steel
Cutting Coated Aluminum
Cutting Bronze Mesh
Cutting 75Cr-1 Steel
Cutting Particle Board
Cutting Paperboard
Cutting Corrugated Paper
Cutting Carbon Fiber 
Cutting Urethane Bushings
Cutting Synthetic Woven Fabric
Cutting Synthetic Filters
Cutting Synthetic Fabric
Cutting PVC Conveyor Belt Material
Cutting PVB Material
Cutting Polystyrene
Cutting 0.6"-thick Polyester Rope
Cutting Plastic Mesh
Cutting Plastic Mesh
Cutting Plastic Food Containers with a Marking Head
Cutting Kevlar Reinforced Urethane
Cutting Fabric Housing
Cutting Acrylic
Cutting 1.125"-Thick Acrylic
Cutting and Marking Acrylic Signs
Cut & Weld of Polyester Weave
Cutting Rubber-Coated Aluminum
Cutting foam boards for tool set placement
Cutting Foam Blocks
Cutting Foam
Cutting Foam