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PCN 005-2013 - 160 kHz PWM
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ti60 Co2 Laser

The firestar ti80 features:

  • 80 watts
  • Excellent Beam Quality and Pulsing Characteristics
  • Fast Rise and Fall Time (<75µs)
  • Integrated RF Design
  • Built-in “tickle” generator
  • Color-coded LED’s mirror user outputs
  • Common footprint and beam exit locations
  • Opto-Isolated +5-24 VDC inputs and outputs
  • Available in keyswitch fan or water-cooled versions
  • OEM (no keyswitch/shutter) air, fan, or water-cooled
Synrad has continued its 20 year tradition of providing the best in industrial laser solutions with the introduction of the 80 watt firestar ti80.

With the ti-series combination of excellent beam quality and fast rise and fall times, the ti80 provides the engine for metal and glass marking, electronic parts and circuit board coding, cutting and scribing plastics, and numerous material processing applications.

As with all Synrad lasers, the ti80 can be operated from a 0-100% duty cycle, with laser power adjusted using a pulse width modulation (PWM) control.
firestar ti80 specifications:
Output Power
Mode Quality
Rise Time
Beam Diameter
Beam Divergence (full angle)
Power Stability:
cold start (guaranteed):

Linear (Vertical)
Heat Load (max)
Flow Rate, air
190 CFM x2
Input Voltage / Current
48 VDC / 22A
Dimensions, laser head (in)
20.7 x 4.5 x 5.8
526 x 114 x 148
Weight (laser head)
25.5 lbs / 11.6 kg
Beam specifications measured at 1/e².
*Typical. Actual wavelength range may vary from 10.2 - 10.8
Specifications subject to change without notice
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