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Firmware V2.4 Documentation
Change to Serial Communications Protocol:
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UC-2000 Remote Control Using Checksum Mode:
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Beginning in December 2010, all newly manufactured UC-2000 Universal Laser Controllers will ship with firmware version v2.4.

This version accommodates a hardware (component) change, but more importantly, it implements a more robust serial communications protocol for the UC-2000's REMOTE (RS-232) serial link.
The new RS-232 transmission protocol includes a
uc-2000 Laser Controller

checksum byte to eliminate any serial data errors introduced in the transmission line between the UC-2000 Controller and the host PC or PLC.

By default, all UC-2000 Controllers running firmware version v2.4 will operate using the new checksum protocol when receiving REMOTE (RS-232) commands from the host. No other user configuration is required except to implement the new command string structure as described in the Using Remote Checksum Commands PDF.

Customers planning to operate a UC-2000 Controller running v2.4 firmware using the previous non-checksum, single-byte command protocol in their existing applications must disable the checksum protocol as described in the Change to Serial Comms Protocol PDF.

For those customers using REMOTE serial commands who wish to implement the revised transmission protocol, an upgrade kit is available. This kit contains a new firmware chip (because no hardware change is involved, this chip is labeled v2.3) and instructions for removing/replacing the existing firmware chip inside the UC-2000 Controller. Contact your SYNRAD Regional Sales Manager for details and pricing.

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