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For the firestar v-series, Synrad’s goal is to produce the highest quality low power CO2 lasers, in the most compact package possible.  

Based on a waveguide design, Synrad’s v-series resonator technology guarantees a circular beam (typical M2 <1.1) in both the near field and far field.  This near-perfect beam can be focused to the smallest achievable spot size, thereby creating the maximum possible power density on a work surface.  This results in faster processing speeds and higher resolution for cutting or engraving applications. 

The resonator design features a small diameter bore and high gas fill pressure for fast rise/fall times (typically 80-90 µsec), while the large gas ballast ensures the long operating lifetime expected of all Synrad lasers.  Long-term power stability of better than ±3% is typical. 

As with all Synrad lasers, the v-series can be operated from 0-100% duty-cycle, with laser power adjusted using a pulse width modulation (PWM) control.  The v-series lasers operate from standard 30VDC power supplies, and can be either air-cooled or water-cooled. 

Designed for ease-of-integration, all firestar lasers incorporated a unique 3-point mounting system, which provides a variety of mounting options.  firestar v and t-series lasers share common beam exits, ensuring drop-in replaceability. Other features designed to make integration as simple as possible include:
  • Onboard tickle generator
  • Industry standard 5-24 VDC I/O ports 
  • Remote control status via 15-pin D connector 

Synrad’s firestar v-series comes in keyswitch and OEM configurations (OEM version shown in the photo above), and air-cooled models can be supplied with or without fans.  The outstanding performance of these lasers, combined with their compact size and air-cooled operation, make them the ideal source for high-performance laser engravers and high speed marking systems.

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