High Performance CO2 Lasers

Since its founding, Synrad has been a pioneer in the development of RF excited CO2 lasers. In 1984 Synrad launched the world's first industrial-grade CO2 laser which incorporated an all-metal, sealed tube design that set the industry benchmark for reliability and performance. Today Synrad lasers are used in an extremely wide variety of industrial and medical applications, including marking, coding, engraving, cutting, drilling and converting on a never-ending list of target materials. Precision, reliability, ruggedness, and near maintenance-free operation are the hallmarks of our lasers. Customers choose Synrad because we deliver long-lasting, high-quality solutions to their most complex process challenges.


Technology Advancements

The latest high performance CO2 laser application and product information.

Novanta Garching, Germany

New Offices in Garching, Germany

Take a tour of the new Novanta office and Application Testing Lab In Garching, Germany that supports Synrad, Cambridge Technology, Celera Motion, NDS and Jadak.

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Synrad CO2 Lasers for Packaging

Synrad Lasers Help Manufacturers Meet New Packaging Demands 

The digital printing revolution has forever changed the landscape of the label and packaging industry, challenging manufacturers to meet demands for high design flexibility, and shorter time to market. Synrad high performance CO2 lasers offer on-the-fly customization, zero contact processing, and repeatable quality results.

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Synrad Marking and Coding

The Advantages of CO2 Laser Marking & Coding

Synrad high performance CO2 lasers deliver clean, legible, permanent marks and codes on a wide variety of consumer items and industrial parts. Optimized for high-speed processing, Synrad CO2 lasers eliminate consumables and maintenance costs associated with traditional marking and coding methods.

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