Electronics manufacturing laser PCB marking includes lettering and a matrix barcode


Lasers have enabled much of today's manufacturing processes for electronics. From precision cutting and drilling to detailed etching and marking, Synrad CO2 lasers are used in multiple processes, across a wide variety of materials in electronics manufacturing.

High processing speeds with a very high degree of accuracy are a must for lasers when used in electronics manufacturing. Stability and repeatability are key laser performance factors. Synrad lasers deliver consistent beam quality in the most demanding operational environments with little to no maintenance required.

Flexibility is another key advantage with Synrad. Laser processing applications for electronics manufacturing are very diverse, often requiring different lasers to perform a variety of processing tasks. Synrad offers a range of compact, lightweight CO2 lasers easily integrated onto stationary flatbed systems and gantry machine systems, and combines easily with multiple scanning systems. Further, Synrad offers a unique selection of air cooled CO2 lasers from 30 Watts - 100 Watts, engineered with the same beam output height and common 48 VDC input power for fast, easy upgrades and system design flexibility.

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