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High Performance CO2 Lasers

Synrad is one of the most respected names in the world of industrial lasers. Since the introduction of the first sealed all metal tube RF excited CO2 laser in 1984 Synrad has delivered more than 250,000 industrial lasers worldwide. Today Synrad lasers are used in a wide variety of industrial applications, including marking, coding, engraving, cutting, and converting on a wide range of target materials. Reliability, ruggedness, and near maintenance free operation are the hallmark of our lasers.

Synrad lasers are tested in the most challenging industrial environments. From high humidity to poor cleanliness to fluctuating hot and cold conditions Synrad lasers continue to perform in the real world with minimal interruption year after year. We test our lasers with some of the most sophisticated test and measurement equipment available - vibration, drop/shock, heat cycling, humidity, power stability, and more - to meet or exceed global industry standards.

We focus on meeting the needs of our customers by understanding their specific application and delivering a reliable laser that generates a highly refined beam with very precise performance characteristics. From the economical low-power 48-Series and v-Series, to the precise, compact mid-power ti-Series, and the innovative p-Series with the highest peak pulse energies available, Synrad delivers unmatched performance and value.

Synrad offers a broad range of CO2 lasers. Each laser Series offers multiple models, providing you with options in power, wavelength, size and more. To learn more about the advantages of Synrad CO lasers click here.

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