Assortment of Synrad p Series lasers stacked in 2 rows, including the 400 Watt p400 model

p Series: 100W to 400W Lasers

Cut faster, drill flawlessly and micro-process with precision with the p Series high performance pulse CO2 lasers from Synrad. Harnessing pulse technology to deliver peak pulse power levels many times greater than standard continuous-wave laser power levels, the p Series expands cutting, drilling and perforating applications to a wider range of materials, including films, high performance textiles, certain metals, and high-tech composites. Synrad p Series CO2 industrial lasers offer near-perfect beam quality, thanks in part to internal beam conditioning before the aperture, focusing the beam down to a narrow spot for increased laser processing detail. Built for industrial environments, all models feature built-in gas purge ports for convenient in-field servicing and protective optical windows. The p Series sets the standard for pulsed CO2 laser performance in industries including Converting, Electronics and Packaging.

Model p100 p150
Output Power 100W 150W
Peak Pulse Power 400W 600W
Mode Quality M2<1.2 M2<1.2
Rise/Fall Time <40/<100 µsec <50/<100 µsec
Beam Waist Diameter 7.5 mm + 1.1 mm 8.0 mm + 1.1 mm
Beam Divergence (full angle)

1.8mR + 0.4mR

2.0mR + 0.4 mR

1.9mR + 0.4mR
Wavelength 10.2 µm/10.6 µm 9.3 µm/10.2 µm/10.6 µm
Power Stability from cold start (guaranteed)/after 2 min. (typical) +7%/+5% +6%/+3%
Cooling Water Water
Heat Load 2000W 3200W
Input Voltage/Current 48 VDC/40A 48 VDC/50A
Dimensions inches (mm) 22.2 x 5.2 x 6.1 (563 x 132 x 155) 31.4 x 5.2 x 6.1 (798 x 132 x 155)
Weight 30.0 lbs./13.6 kg 40.0 lbs./18.1 kg
Data Sheet Download p100 Data Sheet Download p150 Data Sheet
Technical Drawing Download p100 Technical Drawing Download p150 Technical Drawing
Operators Manual Download p100 Operators Manual Download p150 Operators Manual


Model p250 p400
Output Power 250W 400W
Peak Pulse Power 800W >1.0kW
Mode Quality M2<1.2 M2<1.2
Rise/Fall Time <60/<100 µsec <50/<100 µsec
Beam Waist Diameter 8.0 mm + 1.1 mm

1) 6.0 mm + 1.0 mm

2) 8.0 mm + 1.0 mm

Beam Divergence (full angle) 1.9mR + 0.4mR

1) 6 mm = 2.5.mR + 0.6mR

2) 8 mm = 1.8mR + 0.4mR

Wavelength 10.6 µm 10.6 µm
Power Stability from cold start (guaranteed)/after 2 min. (typical) +5%/+5% +7%/+5%
Cooling Water Water
Heat Load 4300W 8.5kW
Input Voltage/Current 48 VDC/90A 48 VDC/175A
Dimensions inches (mm) 49.3 x 12.4 x 7.8 (1252 x 315 x 198) 49.7 x 8.2 x 12.5 (1262 x 208 x 318)
Weight 107 lbs./48.5 kg 130 lbs./59.0 kg
Data Sheet Download p250 Data Sheet Download p400 Data Sheet
Technical Drawing Not available Not available
Operators Manual Download p250 Operators Manual Download p400 Operators Manual


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