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Synrad Laser Scanning Head Trade-In Offer

For a limited time, Synrad is offering a trade-in credit for your obsolete Synrad Scanning Head that will be applied towards the purchase of a new FH Flyer, Fenix Flyer, or 3D Flyer Scanning Head. The new scanning heads are faster, more efficient and deliver precise results on a wide variety of target materials. Act now and trade in your old Synrad Scanning Head, working or not, to receive your trade-in credit. To receive the trade-in credit, a valid Purchase Order must be received on or before the deadline dates listed below. If you're interested in this limited time trade-in offer please contact us by using the "Need Assistance" button at the bottom of this page.

Eligible Scanning Head Trade-In Credit Amount
Through Aug. 31, 2018
Trade-In Credit Amount
Sep. 1 - Dec. 31 2018
FH-Smart (all models) $2,500 USD $2,000 USD
FH Tracker (all models) $2,500 USD $2,000 USD
FH-Index $2,500 USD $2,000 USD
Fenix $4,500 USD $4,000 USD
Fenix II $4,500 USD $4,000 USD
Fenix DGM $4,500 USD $4,000 USD

New Synrad Laser Scanning Heads

2-axis and 3-axis Scanning Heads that are perfectly matched to Synrad high performance CO2 lasers. Includes the latest version of Synrad WinMark software creating an easy-to-use marking and cutting system.

Download the Synrad Scanning Heads information brochure.


Scanning Head


Synrad FH Flyer Laser Scanning Head

FH Flyer

Synrad Fenix Flyer Laser Scanning Head

Fenix Flyer

Synrad Flyer 3D Head Only

Flyer 3D

Field Size Range

27 mm x 27 mm to

198 mm x 198 mm

27 mm x 27 mm to

198 mm x 198 mm

269 mm x 227 mm to

1,084 mm 993 mm

Spot Size (1/e2)

M2 = 1.0, center of field

116 µm - 540 µm 116 µm - 540 µm 165 µm - 7500 µm
Working Distance Range

 74 mm + 1 mm - 

350 mm + 5 mm

74 mm + 1 mm - 

350 mm + 5 mm

268 mm - 1,3200 mm

Marking Speed 450 characters/s 450 characters/s 7,620 mm/s
Input Power 30 VDC/4A, 8A Peak AC 85 - 132 V/170 - 264 V, 1Ø 48 V + 2.0 VDC/6.7A, 20A Peak
Dimensions (L x W x H)

8.45" x 5.4" x 6.14"

(215 mm x 137 mm x 156 mm)

46.63" x 9.64" x 7.4"

(1,184 mm x 245 mm x 188 mm)

21.9" x 7.5" x 11.1"

558 mm x 191 mm x 280 mm


9.6.lbs./4.4 kg 68 lbs./30.8 kg 21.45 lbs./9.7 kg
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Terms & Conditions

  • All trade-in offers expire on December 31, 2018, all qualifying orders must be received before close of business (PST) to receive trade-in credit.
  • To receive the trade-in credit, qualifying orders (valid Purchase Order) must be received on or before the dates listed above.
  • Customer must have current WinMark Pro license to qualify for trade in, Windows 7 or higher is required. Trade in includes latest version of WinMark Pro software.
  • Marking head being traded in must be returned to Synrad to receive trade-in credit.
  • Trade-I Promotion code (#SYN-012018) must be indicated on the purchase order.
  • Return authorization will be issued for credit, based on the serial number of the trade-in unit.
  • Trade-in of old unit must be received within 30 days of new-unit invoice to receive credit.
  • Customer should keep their focusing lens (FLA-80/125/125hp/200/370)
  • This offer cannot be combined with any other promotional offer or order discount.



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