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Our Company

Since its start in 1984, Synrad has delivered more CO2 lasers to industry than any other manufacturer. Founded by Peter Laakmann, who pioneered the RF-excited CO2 laser, Synrad has come to be recognized as a leader in the development of sealed CO2 lasers and electro-optics technologies. Based on our patented “All Metal” tube technology, there are now well over 250,000 Synrad lasers in use throughout the world.

Engineered for incorporation into a wide range of equipment, Synrad lasers are used in a wide variety of industrial applications, including marking, coding, engraving, cutting, and converting on a wide range of target materials. Reliability, ruggedness, and near maintenance free operation are the hallmark of our lasers. Whether your job calls for accurate cutting of high-tech materials, high-speed marking or coding of packaged goods, or precision-based removal of target materials, Synrad has the laser to meet your needs.

Located north of Seattle in Mukilteo, Washington, Synrad operates on a simple philosophy - enable new applications for sealed CO2 laser technology worldwide by engineering reliable solutions that consistently deliver precise results quickly and efficiently.

Synrad is part of the Novanta Inc. family of companies, the leading global supplier of precision photonic components and subsystems to OEM's in the Medical, Industrial and Microelectronics markets.


Our People

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Our Workstyle

We focus on meeting the needs of our customers, both externally and internally. Synrad engineers and manufactures high performance CO2 lasers and to do so requires a wide range of high performance individuals with unique skill sets and talents. We work closely with one another treating each member of our team with respect and care, providing them with the tools to do their job well. The world of lasers is growing rapidly and expanding into new application frontiers. To stay in step with our industry we operate with a preference towards constant improvement and employ regular kaizen events that include operators, facilitators, and managers to streamline processes ensuring operating efficiency. At Synrad each individual has a voice, the power to drive improvement, and is a stakeholder in our success.

The dedication and drive of our people naturally yields close working relationships and fosters an atmosphere of cooperation, commitment, and fun. We work hard, celebrate our successes, learn from our stumbles, and always drive forward.

“Customers choose us because we deliver lasting solutions to their process challenges. Our people make this happen regularly, and I am constantly impressed with the commitment to quality and dedication to success that I see everyday.”

Charlie Webster
President and General Manager

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